When people think of California, they often associate it with sandy summer scenes, the center of the celebrity world, and essentially an easy going state. As a Californian myself, I see the appeal in these things, but my favorite part of California is the rainy season. Sure, California summers shimmer and shine with promises of trips to the beaches and shops, but for me, it can’t beat the rainy season that comes and sprinkles the sky with its fluffy cotton candy clouds. I find that this season, this seemingly genius blend of winter’s end and spring’s beginning, creates this feeling of hope mixed with a good relaxation period. Almost like slowly coming to your senses after a satisfying sleep. The place between the dreamlike state and reality.

As an experienced Californian, I’ve compiled a list of activities to do that will make you avoid any rain on your parade and love this part of California as well.

  1. Surf’s up? More like bottoms up! Make a calming tea, cozy hot chocolate, or coffee.
  2. Watch a movie. I suggest movies that make you think, comedy movies, adventure/ fiction movies, but stear clear of sad movies.
  3. Fluffy armor. Arm yourself with a fluffy blanket, your favorite pj’s, and fuzzy socks.
  4. Learn a new skill. Examples: magic tricks, a new recipe, photography..
  5. Art attack. Go crazy with a coloring book, draw, sketch, scribble..
  6. Find new music. I recommend Spotify and Soundcloud.
  7. The weather calls for a brainstorm. Take out a piece of paper and brainstorm about anything.