Innovation: Not Your Typical School Day

School can cause so much stress that nobody wants to deal with. From the stressful projects to the limitless amounts of tests we’re forced to take nobody feels at rest. To make matters worse, it was a week before finals week, one of the most dreaded time periods each semester. To try and defeat this upcoming disaster, We (Evan and Brian) thought up a great idea with a little help from Mr. T. We chose to help lessen the student’s worries and give everyone a little time to relax and view the better side of the school, the side that gives you a REASON to go to school. A reason OTHER THAN to get into a good college. We helped design an innovative goof course for students to enjoy. We set it up as a one day event and hosted our day of lessons for June 5th, 2015, a Friday. We had limited supplies due to both our busy schedules, but I was able to make three posters and buy a couple golf clubs that the “masters” could only use. Evan on the other hand was responsible for bringing the sock balls and editing our documented presentation video.


In preparation, we created a script of the video presentation and thought up dates on which each of us would go buy supplies, practice our sock golf skills, work on posters, advertise, and of course, hold our golf lessons.

Through much brainstorming and discussion, we figured lessons on a Friday would be best since students would be less stressed and have a whole weekend to look forward to. From there, the journey began. First we had to create a course, using maps of the school to see where the best locations were. Afterwards, it was time to film our advertisement which was actually a lot more work than expected. It took a little to long to film and edit, so we didn’t actually finish it until the day before the lessons. Due to that, the posters were doing most of the advertising.

In order to create the advertisement, we borrowed and filmed clips of us playing sock golf and even used an aerial view of the school, courtesy of BBN. As for posters, I, Brian, was in charge of that. I didn’t have much time so I wrote in big letters to attract attention to our posters. We had quite a few people show up to our golf lessons and it was a really fun experience. We had the majority of our lesson takers come during our after school session rather than our short lunch sessions.



During the lessons, everyone was able to hit, focusing on stance, positioning, and following through. Evan was in charge of correct mechanics and such while I was in charge of showing the fellow golfers how to look cool while hitting, and some useful techniques for celebrating. Overall, we had an extremely successful innovative day, and it was great to see all the smiling faces that left us that day. Everyone was happy, including us, and the majority of our students told us they’d love to see another sock golf event again, maybe next time in other forms, such as competitions and tournaments. The results of this innovative experience were honestly so much greater than we had expected, possibly even overwhelming. (

Through our month of preparation and our one day of carrying out our project, we learned a lot. We experienced the joy of giving to others, not with our hands but with our hearts. We started the project with a good intent of attempting to show others school can be a place to have fun as well and the fulfilling excitement we got from doing so was amazing. We learned making others smile was the best way to make yourself smile but endured some bumps in the road as well. If we were to do this again, we would definitely try to give us an extra too weeks to a month to start this project since the video advertisement took much longer than we thought. In addition, it was actually surprisingly really hard to find a toy golf club in toy stores and department stores. Overall, everything, including life, is a learning experience, and through sock golf, we were able to learn so much, the most important thing of all, being that the best happiness actually comes from bringing joy to others. ( follow us on twitter )


Written by: Brian and Evan, Your Fellow Sock Golf Masters


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