My Blogging Experience

My blog is called Blogtastique which I think is quite ironic because I think it’s rather the opposite. When I made that name for my blog, it was just to get the grade. I’m just going to be honest here. Now, it’s rather difficult to come up with a name on the spot for this thing, this blog, where I was going to write my thoughts in for one whole year. At first, I can honestly say that I was excited for this new version of learning. We would not have homework, just weekly blog posts! It was the creative writer’s dream! The idea seems great. I mean it’s a pretty good way for students to share with the world, but there were a couple problems.

In case you did not know, I run my blog with a partner which was a challenge for me because we were both very different. My partner, Brian, is very into sports and things like that while I prefer to delve into the way people think or just my favorite past times such as reading and watching movies.

I think all in all, our blog has a unique spin on it because there are two totally different people working on it. I mean the more viewpoints, the better!

The positives for my blogging experience were that it allowed me to share, create, and learn. I think I speak for a majority of the students when I say that we were not used to this type of writing assignment. It was basically a free for all. You could choose to put what you wanted in the world and it was all going to count for your grade! Now, the students’ literary works and thoughts would be put out there for everyone to see, not just give it to a teacher for a grade and never see that piece of writing again.

However, the downside for this aspect of the assignment was that students who were not comfortable with sharing their blog and blog posts just ended up writing with very little people seeing because receiving a massive number of views from their own social media was not an option. I think the solution to this would be to create a class account to which everyone would have the password and can post their blogs and blog posts or anything worth sharing on the account. Of course, there would have to be some type of regulation that will prevent any inappropriate posts. The teacher could look over the assignment before allowing for it to be posted which will make the teacher interact with the students, creating a bigger chance for some blogging or literary advice to reach the student from the teacher.


Creating. The second positive thing that came out of my blogging experience. We all love creating whether other people enjoy our creations or not. Creating is in the human nature so the blogging assignment was of course very exciting to do. At first.

As we were weeks into the school year, blogging soon became some what of a burden. Purposely making weekly creations which forced us to call upon our creative skills was getting some what intense. We’ve all had that period of time where we can’t write at all which is known as a Writer’s block. Not to mention that there were circumstances that came with the blogging that changed so often that we never really got used to learning one concept of writing for long. This resulted in unmemorable lessons because we did not practice the skill or lesson enough times to remember.

The third positive that came out of my experience was learning. I learned the many, many styles of writing by reading other people’s blogs. I did not really get anything out of our lessons at school mostly because I found that they were sometimes a bit too abstract for us mere students who were so used to things being straight forward. I mean we have been conditioned to write a certain way for an essay or use a certain word this way or that way for all of our school lives. This should not come as a shock when it is discovered that students are having trouble with creative writing.

All in all, my experience has had lots of ups and downs, positives and negatives, as every experience should have. I look forward to blogging by myself with no partner or teacher soon so as to have more freedom and less pressure and to express strictly my thoughts and views without any ever changing circumstances.


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