Follow Your Passion?

Wow… my buddy Jeff. I feel you man. Dreams can be crushed by people. But dreams also have alternatives. When you realize you can no longer reach your goals, don’t stop.. find a new goal or an alternative. You wanted to be a professional basketball player? be one. Who says it has to be in the NBA? This is where the alternative goal comes in. There are many professional basketball leagues overseas who offer millions for american talent. Work now and you’ll live the rest of your life the way you want it because this alternative goal will make just as happy or even happier than your original goal. So here’s my message for you and everyone with goals: Reach for you dreams, and if you can’t reach them find the alternative goal that makes you ALMOST as happy as your original goal because believe it or not, this will make you as happy as your original goal and you WILL have NO regrets. Keep your head up Jeff, everyone.

And just in case my message didn’t get to you, here’s a little splash of motivation: 


The Typical Parable


I was at a restaurant. It was run-down, the food was average, flies were hovering over my bowl of noodles my parents ordered me. I was four. Despite these vivid descriptions, there was one description that stood out to me the most that day, at the end of the room there was a small T.V, not one of those flat screens, but it was decent sized. What interested me wasn’t the T.V but actually what was happening on the T.V. It was playing the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. Immediately I was entranced by the game of basketball, I constantly asked questions about it, I made up my mind about it. I wanted to become a professional basketball player.

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