Way too much homework

It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of students absolutely despise homework. Students, especially high school students, view homework as just another time consuming obstacle.The objective of homework is completely defeated when the student does homework merely to complete it and not learn from it. So what IS the point in assigning stacks and stacks of homework to students when all they are really doing is looking for answers and not explanations? How does homework help anymore?


It’s all become a game. The objective is to win now, not learn how to play. When you switch it to game mode, the student’s work becomes mechanic and there is a lack of quality in their work. It’s like telling someone to win a game as quick as they can and as well as they can. They know the rules very vaguely because their focus is mainly set on the time limit. At the instant a time limit is uttered, everything switches mainly to quantity not quality.

Time is very important to the student. High school students feel the full force of homework probably because they transition from middle school where homework could be done in about two hours tops to high school where most students are happy enough to finish homework in time to get some hours of sleep. And yet parents still wonder why teens are so grumpy all the time.

School itself takes up six to seven hours of the day. Students in high school are expected to have about eight to nine hours of sleep every night. Most high schools start school at seven to eight in the morning and end at three in the afternoon. For the student to get the required amount of sleep, they would need to go to bed at around nine p.m. Dinner and showering would probably take an hour away as well from homework time. So the student should really have about five hours of studying. But wait, there’s more! Students are also expected to participate in extracurricular activities and sports! This takes up at least two hours, leaving the student with three available hours for homework. If the student is taking honors classes, the approximate time to complete each homework assignment is one to two hours for each class. This is not including the rest of the student’s classes that are not honors classes. The time for sleep would have to be extended. Most students taking high level classes are usually finished with homework at eleven or twelve on good days. On bad days, they could be up until three or even four a.m.  Students then have to wake up at six to prepare themselves and go to school.

What?! Students actually only get two hours of sleep sometimes?! Sadly that’s true.

Check out this article I found that talks about this too:


A solution that has been discussed is the later start for school. It has been suggested that school should begin at a later time such as nine or ten a.m. instead of the current seven or eight a.m. This would considerably change the students’ attitude if they came to school when the sun was actually up and they actually had some more sleep. If students get a little bit more sleep and came to school at a leisurely time, most students would definitely feel better about learning. If this solution is combined with the reduction of excess homework, the students’ learning could actually improve. Their mood would improve as well. These solutions could improve the students’ attitude towards learning and their readiness towards learning. The readiness is all.


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