Becoming Friends With the World

There’s few things in the world as great as connecting with people. Whether it’s at school, at work, at a social event, or on vacation in a different country, finding those people who instantly click with you is great. And although all these places are great locations to possibly meet someone who relates with you well, the best place to run into these types of people is actually on the web.

Nowadays our lives have been overtaken by the internet and especially social media so it’s no surprise that many view social media as a huge negative in our lives. Well believe it or not, social media is capable of doing some amazing things. For example one of the history teachers at my school has this program of hers where she recruits sophomores to communicate online through Facebook to a pen pal (student) in the Netherlands. At the same time both students would fund raise money so that the students in Holland can come over and meet the students here. Then after our senior year, we would use all the money we fund raised to fly to Holland to visit our pen pal. We would spend a week in Holland and a week in Berlin, a final memorable vacation to take in order to spend time with some of your fellow students who you may never see again after finishing school. Without social media, once in a lifetime opportunities like this may never be given.


In addition to great opportunities social media can give us, it has other great causes as well. The main purpose of social media sites like Instagram and Twitter is to actually share yourself to the world. Using key words and hashtags, anything you make or do can be shared to the world. You yourself can become an inspiration to the world through social media or, others can be an inspiration to you.

So here’s my question. Do you want to be the inspiring or the inspired? Do you want to be the one that creates ideas or the one that receives them? I’m working to become he who inspires and I challenge you to as well. I’m working inspire people to help the youth bible school program at my local church through fundraising and social media. What will you do?



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