Fail your way to success

We watched an interesting old movie in english class last friday. It was one of those old western movies with cowboys and random showdowns. So in the movie, a village is suffering from a bandit and his cronies who keep looting the town of all its food leaving not much left for the villagers. In one scene, this man tries to conduct a search for good men to recruit to defeat the bandits that were making the village suffer. One of the volunteers for the task, was your typical young and impressionable cowboy who thinks he’s all that and ready to take on anything. To the young cowboy’s dismay, he is shown as incapable of being all that by the man who tries to help the inhabitants. The interesting thing I found was how seriously that impacted the young boy. I wanted to talk about how the younger population deals with failure. Let’s just talk about failure in general. failure There are many ways to take failures. Failures can be taken as a lesson. They can be taken as a blow to your oh so important pride. You can say that they are due to fate as well. You either had no choice or you could’ve changed it. There’s a line between people who make excuses and those who learn from it. Learn from your mistakes and don’t go signing up for things like taking on a bandit and his large gang if you’re too proud. Because chances are, you’re probably not all that. Anyways, failure can come at the most unexpected times. It can come even when you’re so sure you were gonna be successful. It’ll hit you out of nowhere and you’ll be left with thoughts of “what if i had done this or that..” However, failure is necessary to improvement.


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