Follow Your Passion?

Wow… my buddy Jeff. I feel you man. Dreams can be crushed by people. But dreams also have alternatives. When you realize you can no longer reach your goals, don’t stop.. find a new goal or an alternative. You wanted to be a professional basketball player? be one. Who says it has to be in the NBA? This is where the alternative goal comes in. There are many professional basketball leagues overseas who offer millions for american talent. Work now and you’ll live the rest of your life the way you want it because this alternative goal will make just as happy or even happier than your original goal. So here’s my message for you and everyone with goals: Reach for you dreams, and if you can’t reach them find the alternative goal that makes you ALMOST as happy as your original goal because believe it or not, this will make you as happy as your original goal and you WILL have NO regrets. Keep your head up Jeff, everyone.

And just in case my message didn’t get to you, here’s a little splash of motivation: 


The Typical Parable


I was at a restaurant. It was run-down, the food was average, flies were hovering over my bowl of noodles my parents ordered me. I was four. Despite these vivid descriptions, there was one description that stood out to me the most that day, at the end of the room there was a small T.V, not one of those flat screens, but it was decent sized. What interested me wasn’t the T.V but actually what was happening on the T.V. It was playing the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. Immediately I was entranced by the game of basketball, I constantly asked questions about it, I made up my mind about it. I wanted to become a professional basketball player.

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Way too much homework

It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of students absolutely despise homework. Students, especially high school students, view homework as just another time consuming obstacle.The objective of homework is completely defeated when the student does homework merely to complete it and not learn from it. So what IS the point in assigning stacks and stacks of homework to students when all they are really doing is looking for answers and not explanations? How does homework help anymore?


It’s all become a game. The objective is to win now, not learn how to play. When you switch it to game mode, the student’s work becomes mechanic and there is a lack of quality in their work. It’s like telling someone to win a game as quick as they can and as well as they can. They know the rules very vaguely because their focus is mainly set on the time limit. At the instant a time limit is uttered, everything switches mainly to quantity not quality.

Time is very important to the student. High school students feel the full force of homework probably because they transition from middle school where homework could be done in about two hours tops to high school where most students are happy enough to finish homework in time to get some hours of sleep. And yet parents still wonder why teens are so grumpy all the time.

School itself takes up six to seven hours of the day. Students in high school are expected to have about eight to nine hours of sleep every night. Most high schools start school at seven to eight in the morning and end at three in the afternoon. For the student to get the required amount of sleep, they would need to go to bed at around nine p.m. Dinner and showering would probably take an hour away as well from homework time. So the student should really have about five hours of studying. But wait, there’s more! Students are also expected to participate in extracurricular activities and sports! This takes up at least two hours, leaving the student with three available hours for homework. If the student is taking honors classes, the approximate time to complete each homework assignment is one to two hours for each class. This is not including the rest of the student’s classes that are not honors classes. The time for sleep would have to be extended. Most students taking high level classes are usually finished with homework at eleven or twelve on good days. On bad days, they could be up until three or even four a.m.  Students then have to wake up at six to prepare themselves and go to school.

What?! Students actually only get two hours of sleep sometimes?! Sadly that’s true.

Check out this article I found that talks about this too:

A solution that has been discussed is the later start for school. It has been suggested that school should begin at a later time such as nine or ten a.m. instead of the current seven or eight a.m. This would considerably change the students’ attitude if they came to school when the sun was actually up and they actually had some more sleep. If students get a little bit more sleep and came to school at a leisurely time, most students would definitely feel better about learning. If this solution is combined with the reduction of excess homework, the students’ learning could actually improve. Their mood would improve as well. These solutions could improve the students’ attitude towards learning and their readiness towards learning. The readiness is all.

Becoming Friends With the World

There’s few things in the world as great as connecting with people. Whether it’s at school, at work, at a social event, or on vacation in a different country, finding those people who instantly click with you is great. And although all these places are great locations to possibly meet someone who relates with you well, the best place to run into these types of people is actually on the web.

Nowadays our lives have been overtaken by the internet and especially social media so it’s no surprise that many view social media as a huge negative in our lives. Well believe it or not, social media is capable of doing some amazing things. For example one of the history teachers at my school has this program of hers where she recruits sophomores to communicate online through Facebook to a pen pal (student) in the Netherlands. At the same time both students would fund raise money so that the students in Holland can come over and meet the students here. Then after our senior year, we would use all the money we fund raised to fly to Holland to visit our pen pal. We would spend a week in Holland and a week in Berlin, a final memorable vacation to take in order to spend time with some of your fellow students who you may never see again after finishing school. Without social media, once in a lifetime opportunities like this may never be given.


In addition to great opportunities social media can give us, it has other great causes as well. The main purpose of social media sites like Instagram and Twitter is to actually share yourself to the world. Using key words and hashtags, anything you make or do can be shared to the world. You yourself can become an inspiration to the world through social media or, others can be an inspiration to you.

So here’s my question. Do you want to be the inspiring or the inspired? Do you want to be the one that creates ideas or the one that receives them? I’m working to become he who inspires and I challenge you to as well. I’m working inspire people to help the youth bible school program at my local church through fundraising and social media. What will you do?


Fail your way to success

We watched an interesting old movie in english class last friday. It was one of those old western movies with cowboys and random showdowns. So in the movie, a village is suffering from a bandit and his cronies who keep looting the town of all its food leaving not much left for the villagers. In one scene, this man tries to conduct a search for good men to recruit to defeat the bandits that were making the village suffer. One of the volunteers for the task, was your typical young and impressionable cowboy who thinks he’s all that and ready to take on anything. To the young cowboy’s dismay, he is shown as incapable of being all that by the man who tries to help the inhabitants. The interesting thing I found was how seriously that impacted the young boy. I wanted to talk about how the younger population deals with failure. Let’s just talk about failure in general. failure There are many ways to take failures. Failures can be taken as a lesson. They can be taken as a blow to your oh so important pride. You can say that they are due to fate as well. You either had no choice or you could’ve changed it. There’s a line between people who make excuses and those who learn from it. Learn from your mistakes and don’t go signing up for things like taking on a bandit and his large gang if you’re too proud. Because chances are, you’re probably not all that. Anyways, failure can come at the most unexpected times. It can come even when you’re so sure you were gonna be successful. It’ll hit you out of nowhere and you’ll be left with thoughts of “what if i had done this or that..” However, failure is necessary to improvement.

You Won’t Ever Enjoy Life Without It..

“Often we pass beside happiness without seeing it, without looking at it, or even if we have seen and looked at it, without recognizing it.” – Alexander Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

In life there are many things that make us happy like friends, family, toys, pets, many, many, things… But how did these people/things turn into such treasures in your lives and more importantly how often do we acknowledge these things? What I’ve come to realize is that these things that make us so happy seem to have been destined to make their way into our lives. Whether it’s by meeting at a bus stop or fighting at first sight and then later becoming the best of friends, these things come into your lives in the most peculiar ways. But after being around these blessed things for so long you soon forget to acknowledge them and all these huge things in your life no longer get appreciated.

Basically, what you’re doing is ignoring the things that make you happy. You stop noticing that these people you’re leaving behind matter most to you, and you act like you don’t even care for them… until they’re gone from your life. That’s something you absolutely can never do, so consider this a warning call for everyone who comes across this. We must learn as people to always appreciate the little things in life because one day when those little things are no longer there, we realize that those little things were the biggest parts of our lives. Without those little things our lives begin to fall… like dominoes, creating one huge crushing result unless you deal with it correctly.

Falling-dominoes (4)

So you must be wondering, how do I learn to acknowledge the greater things in life and appreciate everything I love? Well again, it starts with the little things. As cheesy as it sounds, that’s as real as it gets. Simply washing the dishes for your mom, or spending an extra 5 seconds of your day to say good night to your family, or even just calling a sick friend to see how they’re feeling is enough to brighten up their day and leave a mark in their life. Moments like these not only change them for a day but over time they shape that person into a person that will create an everlasting mark in your life. Keep loving and when the moment comes, when these important people begin to disappear from your life, you will feel satisfied, satisfied that you did what you could in your life to spread your love to them and to maximize your life around them.  Loving can be the difference between future optimism and future sorrow. The choice is yours.