I Bet You Don’t Have What it Takes…

Here’s a shot of inspiration for all you athletes out there:

“The mind beats the body any day. I mean, your body may be weary, but you can’t tell yourself that. I always remind myself to stay confident — to stay humble and keep working hard, and just fight through it.” – Bradley Beal, NBA Pro (Washington Wizards)


Now this quote goes beyond the words that spoke it. I love this quote because it’s real, motivational, and can push you to the point of giving up… but that’s what separates the goods from the greats of the world. When you’re sitting there at three in the morning working on that project or when you’re out on that field running your 6th and final mile of training, do you fall asleep? walk that final mile? or do you put your thinking caps on and finish that project, become a man and sprint that final lap? Small decisions like this define you.

Obviously if you chose to finish that project even at three in the morning or sprint that final mile as if it was your first you’re what people classify as an elite, or at least on your way to become one. Which is great. The world needs elites. On the other hand, if you gave up, it’s fine. Stay in the trails of others, stay average. Enjoy life being average. What’s that? You don’t want to be average? Oh well that’s great. Going back to that quote in the beginning, this post will apply mainly to athletes. I know everyone’s been at the point of fainting during a practice or has lost their breath after running a set or sprint, and I’d bet anything that most off you would’ve quit if your coach wasn’t there to push you on. Well that’s the whole problem with people they react with their mind over their body yet they don’t take advantage of it. They don’t use this blessing in disguise to become elite, instead they cower down and lose to this beast. Well that’s exactly what you can’t do, you have to overcome things like this and realize that you stop not when your body gives up, but when your mind does.  Until you’re at the moment where you’ve fainted and are lying on the ground, you need to keep going and finish your task. A mentality like this may sound stupid but it’s not.. its rather deadly… for the opponents who will have to face off against the beast that you’ll become. Come on, just try it, push yourself next time you’re out at practice and just see where it takes you. You’ll feel horrible but being great comes with a price. Like Muhammad Ali once said, “[You must] suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Will you do what it takes?




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