Expect the unexpected

I think expectations ruin everything. I mean look at high school students. They are the prime example of everything having to do with expectations. They go to school where they face the expectations of their teachers and peers. Then, they go home and face the expectations of their parents! It really is sad when the student believes that they don’t meet any standards because of all the pressure that is on them to be this or that. So why don’t people do anything about this? Expectations just hinder a student sometimes instead of pushing them towards a certain goal. Whether your parents pressure you to get good grades or you are pressuring yourself to meet everyone’s expectations, it can all get a bit too overwhelming.

I believe that you’re allowed to grow and explore your opportunities without all this pressure. Wouldn’t it be so great if you could go to school to just learn instead of anticipating when the bell was going to ring? Imagine everyone just going to school to learn. No pressure about grades. No pressure about college. No expectations. Zero. zip. nothing! Of course students want to challenge themselves sometimes with a test or project so … let them! However, the stress on grades is often more stressed than the actual process of creating the project and can actually hinder that process. Imagine being given a project to accomplish. No specific  instructions are given except for the condition that it has to have an effect on the audience. This is a more creative process then because once the rules of the project are limited, it forces the student to be creative. However, if this creativity is put under a time restriction and has the doom inducing feeling that projects usually have, the quality isn’t going to be very good. You’re constricting the thinking process of the student. LIke capturing a natural process and trying to change it to fit the standards of the project. That’s what a project feels like. That’s what pressure and expectations feel like.

On a grander scale, you can say you’re assigned the project of life. Of making every moment of your life worthy of a “good grade”. The pressure is multiplied and some days, you can get crushed by all the pressure.

I used a high school student example but expectations can be found anywhere. They can be found in your parents, your professors, your friends, and even yourself. I agree that expectations cannot be completely rid of, but you can make your own expectations aware. Make them aware with people who normally have expectations of you and tell them “I want to do this, but I might fail or succeed… and that’s okay!”. It’s okay because even if you failed or succeeded, you decided to meet your own expectations and not anyone else’s. When others are disappointed in you for not meeting their expectations, simply tell them to expect the unexpected. And that the unexpected is that you decided to meet your expectations. Sometimes meeting your expectations can satisfy others as well so it’s possible for there to be a win win situation! See what you can do. Evaluate yourself and meet the expectations that you made for yourself. Make people expect the unexpected: meet your own expectations, not anyone else’s.


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