What Annoys You? Pet Peeves: Library Edition

Screenshot (1)

It’s 12:15 and students are rushing everywhere, getting in lines for food, looking for friends, and of course… rushing to the library. But what do these  students do in the library? Most people would guess that students would be studying, reading, and catching up on homework but that’s obviously not always the case.

Surprisingly studying and reading are one of the last things on the minds of students that roam the library. A more popular pastime for those in the library is actually to surround tables and talk about games, go on computers to play League of Legends, and surround others while they play League of Legends. These are all huge pet peeves for me, especially the one about people always playing League of Legends. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against those of you that play League of Legends, you guys keep doing what you love, its just not something I appreciate very much.

What the libraries are looking like:

Screenshot (1)

What I don’t understand is the overall concept of playing League of Legends in the library. The library is usually supposed to be a quiet peaceful place where students can learn, read,  relax, and get away from the hectic drama that comes with going to high school. What it isn’t supposed to be is a hangout cave for people who feel like they need to use the 30 minutes they have during lunch to go to the library and play League of Legends (no offense). Not only are these people extremely loud but they are also taking up the computers that students need to use to do homework, research, and find books. Unfair right? And so not cool.

What the library should look like:

Screenshot (2)

Any solutions? Well what we can do is not play League of Legends at all. Yeah it may be fun for some people but the library is definitely not a place for that willy nilly stuff. I remember the old days when libraries were quiet and peaceful. Now they’re just a messy place for people to play games in the morning, at lunch, and after school. I’m sure these kids that are playing these games have work they need to be doing as well. This is becoming a crisis and it must stop soon before the library is overtaken by League of Legends players. Please keep your games at home and your studious qualities in the library. Together we can once again make the library a place of peace and education. Anybody can make a difference. 🙂



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