3 Types of Humor

1. the gag
Ah yes, the gag. It’s a classic!! Always guaranteed to get a laugh out of your audience. The gag is a style of joke that focuses on the use of objects or actions with the main goal of humiliating oneself. Clowns do this very often. It’s why there’s the phrase “clowning around”!! They’re freaky though so check out Miranda Sings who is twice as hilarious.

2. the master of lame
Just one word here. PUNS. Pus, puns, puns. Oh boy. These jokes are so lame, they’re funny! It’s where the joke isn’t funny itself but the action of someone telling it is funny. Here’s a bit of schooling on the type of joke. Puns are a play on words that are usually more of a mix of one’s realization of the ambiguous use of a word or phrase. For example, here’s a beauty you might have seen from valentine’s day.

photo (8)

3. the mixtape
This style of jokery is probably the most popular right now. You see it every where: twitter, tumblr, and other social media sites or blogs. The mixtape is a ridiculous or impossible idea or concept that gets remixed with a real life situation which ends up being pretty darn funny. These “mixtapes” are unknown to some people like how a mixtape should be and people endorse their “mixtape” to everyone who will listen. that’s why there are sites like tumblr. Basically, everyone tries to sell their joke for notes(likes on tumblr). Here are some Crown Jewels from my collection of these jokes:
photo (14)


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