The Biggest Argument in Sports: A Battle for the Ages

From his childhood years in Italy to his banner raising ceremonies in Staples Center, Kobe Bryant has become a legend. If Michael Jordan had not existed, he would be a huge candidate for best basketball player of all time. There are never ending debates about Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, and really, Kobe should be on top. He has a drive in him exactly like Jordan and he might even have a better work ethic than Michael Jordan, if that’s even possible. Kobe holds records in the NBA men of this generation could only dream of. He’s earned the respect of greats around the NBA and has become a worldwide role model. He also had to deal with playing against a more evolved generation of the twenty first century while Jordan’s opponents of the 1980s and 90s were much smaller and not capable of half the things he could do.

Although there are arguments that Jordan must be better due to statistical evidence, newer pieces of information could disagree. In addition, although Kobe didn’t win all his statistical battles with Jordan and doesn’t have as many championship rings as Michael, his work ethic and determination to win championships no matter what the conditions are is something to look at. It’s obvious that although both players had that same fire in their games, there cannot be another person on this planet that works harder than Kobe Bryant himself. He is the definition of heart and without him not only basketball, but the world could be different.

Kobe’s teammates comment on his work ethic:

Another thing that separates Kobe Bryant from Michael Jordan is the fact that he was able to accomplish so much with so little. In his prime, his motto was, “Just give me 12 guys, and I will make them champions.” He proved this true when he single handedly won games and playoff series for Laker teams that were not great, compared to their earlier years. Kobe Bryant had a sidekick in Derek Fisher and a cast of people like Smush Parker and  Kwame Brown to help him out. On the other hand, Jordan was working with greats like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Horace Grant. As Kobe is now nearing retirement, people will start to compare these two masterminds of basketball once again. I think Kobe is the better man in this conversation but anyone that disagrees should definitely let it be known. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong in the comments. I love a good argument. Until next time everyone!




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