It’s Happening Again…

It’s that time of the year again. If you’re currently receiving any red envelopes full of money during this time of the month you know exactly what I mean. That’s right. It’s Chinese New Year. This time of the year is so important to us people that celebrate it and a lot of the time we’re extremely superstitious about it. Well at least my family is..

Every year I’m expected to clean up my whole house, decorate and set up fruits dot sacrifice and all sorts of stuff. All on hopes of a good new year. In addition to decorating everyone’s also a lot nicer which I’m guessing has something to do with the belief that the way you start off the first week of your new year will determine the way the rest of your year will turn out. I personally don’t know whether I believe these ideas or not but it’s better to believe than not to believe, at least that’s what the famous philosopher Blaise Pascal said.

But putting aside the superstitions and all the work put in during this time of the month, there’s actually a lot of fun involved with this holiday. First off you get rich off of one amazing holiday from all that good luck money your friends and family give you in the red envelopes. Secondly everyone’s a lot nicer since they want to start off their new year right so it’s the perfect time to ask your parents for that pony you’ve always wanted. Thirdly it’s a great time for bonding with family that you might not get to see so much in your daily lives. Overall I enjoy this holiday very much and I’m certainly glad I have the privilege to celebrate this holiday every year with my family and be a part of such a cozy, loving, and cheerful environment.


-Chinese decorations hung around the house, they include firecrackers that are normally used at midnight of the new year


-Red envelopes, filled with money and given to friends, kids, family members as good luck for the new year

dragon dance

-Dragon dancers are commonly seen in places that celebrate Chinese New Year



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