Little ways to explore

Get away.

People tend to think that running away or taking a complete break from a situation will help but avoiding problems won’t solve anything. Sometimes you don’t even have the option of running away.


I often find myself bored and weighed down by my life at various times and a feeling of wanting to flee usually comes into my mind at those times. I want to get out out there, explore, find new exciting things, to get away…

The alternative to avoiding the problem is to deal with it right away. I personally have trouble with this because my homework doesn’t get resolved until the night before it was due! However, all you need to do is take a breath and address the problem as soon as possible because the problem could grow or remain unresolved if you wait. The biggest problem I have right now is reinventing or trying to find new ways to liven up my usual routine based life. I’m guilty of waiting on this problem for too long and I fear that if I wait too long, I’ll soon become a boring person! Change and exploration go hand in hand. I would say they are necessary in life because as humans, we always explore and put ourselves in different situations to learn. By going through this process, we learn to overcome various problems. So I’ve created a small list of small ways to explore or change your life to make it more exciting and beneficial:

  1. Know that you just don’t know some things. Achieving this skill is key to self-awareness and progress for your educational purposes. If you realize that you do not know something, the obvious thing would to then find a way to get to know that thing. If you get an idea wrong, don’t give up!! Try again until you know or get more experience from it.
  2. Excercise. like a lot.

This advice is probably seen everywhere by now, but it truly helps so get off your laptop, get out of your house, and exercise!! Go ride a bike or take a walk!! Personally, I like the take a walk option the best. Taking walks lets you localize yourself, almost feel like you’re becoming more grounded and clear-minded. You have time to think during these exercise moments and your body is probably happy as well. If your body is happy, you’re sure to feel lighter as well.

  1. Read. like A LOT.

Read!! Whether it’s online, a newspaper, a novel, a magazine, anything really, just read. This gives you a sense of how certain things work in the world and makes your mind become familiar with situations you’ve never encountered before. Reading actually, dare I say it, takes you to other places. The stories put you in situations and you understand what is going on behind these situations. You don’t need to go anywhere physically! You can experience the Renaissance in a book. You can experience far off places, daring sword fights, a prince in disguise!

4. Learn a new skill.

5. Find new music.

6. Watch a movie.

7. Write about anything/ brainstorm.


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