Why I Need a Car

My whole life I’ve been around people — people that have survived car crashes ,people that are involved in crashes, and sadly, even people that didn’t make it through crashes. So without a doubt my parents, of course would not want me to be roaming on the streets in a vehicle that may or may not do me harm. But really… I need a car

Driving a car can be a life changing experience that gives you new opportunities. But it also has some cons. If I were able to drive, my parents would no longer be bothered with the constant requests from my brother and I to take them places. Any parents out there? Just imagine that. Great huh? In addition to more freedom for the kids as well as the parents, letting your kid drive (when he’s of age of course) can also introduce him to new opportunities that maybe no one could have taken him to. It can change lives. As an athlete I dream of days where I could live next to a gym since a lot of the time I’m only allowed to go to the gym when my parents have time to take me. With a car this problem is eliminated.

On the other hand owning a car includes owning up to the many responsibilities that come with it. For example gas doesn’t refill itself and that’s something most parents wouldn’t enjoy paying for the children. A lot of people nowadays, already complain about high gas prices. In addition, driving on the streets instantly increases the probability of injury or death to a person. But  not by that much.

Driving a car can be costly, dangerous, but it is indeed efficient and life changing. Parents, if you are currently reading this please get your kid a car. It is life changing, giving so many opportunities and experiences to those that drive. But not only are there benefits for you kids — you win in this situation as well! No more being bothered by your kids for rides and no more being responsible to pick them up. Let us fantasize for a bit before we… get your kid a new car!! You won’t regret it.



One thought on “Why I Need a Car

  1. optomisticblogger says:

    this post pretty much explains what is going on in my mind now that i have completed my permit test and am on my way to getting a licence. I’m going to need a car soon too haha. But, I recommend that you point out the positive sides of driving and how it will be easier on them because they wont have to drive you around anymore!!


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