Friend or Foe?

In this day and age, friends could be anyone that liked a post or picture of you on facebook or instagram or any other social media. The factors of friendship have not changed over time; there’s just a couple additions that mainly come with the advances in technology that humans have made over the years. One question that seems to have always existed for friendship is if the friendship is true.

What are the characteristics of a true friend?


A perfect example for friendship is the case of Julius Caesar, made famous through Shakespeare’s tale which told of Caesar’s literal stabbing in the back by those whom he considered true friends. A true friend is a person that can be trusted. Just like Caesar, people are hurt when a friend betrays their trust. Hopefully not hurt literally but there is no doubt that there is a wound in the betrayed person’s pride because they thought they had the correct judgement of another person and now they also lost someone who they thought was willing to support them.

  1. Comfort

A true friend is someone you can be yourself around!! Caesar was always paranoid of the people around him. He wasn’t comfortable with most of them.

  1. Extraordinary

A friend should be something out of the ordinary. Maybe they’re really smart. Or maybe they’re really trusting. Or maybe they’re just plain weird and you find them interesting to be around. There’s gotta be a reason why you like them enough to start interacting with them! Caesar befriended people like Brutus and Cassius because they were high up regarding ranks and it could be beneficial to Caesar.

  1. Stuff in common

Obviously you gotta have at least something in common with this person. Having things in common with another person allows you to talk to them more which will slowly build into a pretty cool friendship. Caesar was high ranking in the social hierarchy and so were those people who stabbed him. Of course, true friendship is always harder when politics and plots on your life are involved but these men had some things in common because they were in the same social class.

Those four traits might no be the only traits to being a true friend, but they are more or less the basis for a friend according to me.


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