SIMPLE SECRET: Instantly Reduce Your Stress and Worries

Semester grades are nearly coming. Projects are due, finals are coming. Everywhere I look, kids are crying, praying to the heavens, dreaming of some amazing results that they hope will magically appear. Who’s been there? I know I have. Very frightening, not something you’d want to experience, especially not twice a year. I really honestly hate stress with all my heart. It’s horrible, useless, and a lot of the time it gets you no where. I know stress is normal in everyday life but sometimes for me, as high school student, and for others, even adults, it can be overwhelming. Well recently I learned about this period of time between when you are told to do something and the deadline that you are to do it by. I don’t remember what it’s called but I’ll definitely let you guys know once I find out. For now let’s call this the “stress zone.”  Ever since I learned about this “stress zone” and what it can do, I’ve been able to view everything differently. And I want to thank Mr. T for that.


Basically what you want to do is reduce this period of  “stress zone” to the shortest length possible. The longer you wait on accomplishing what you need to do, the longer you stay unhappy and unsure in this “stress zone.” The longer you stay in this zone, the longer you are stressed. Conveniently, this applies to almost all situations including those in life, sports and of course school. For example, maybe you had a goal to increase your vertical by 5 inches over the summer. From now until summer, there will be multiple occasions where you just sit down and wonder what you’ll do to achieve that goal. You think, you plan everything out, then you worry that it won’t work. So you change it, perfect it, then change it again and again and again. Every week you stress and think of all the possibilities and outcomes of this when all this time you could have been working in the gym and increasing that vertical. But in reality summer finally comes along and you finally start working towards that goal. By now you could have been halfway towards your goal, not barely starting. In addition, so much stressing and fussing could have easily been avoided. All you had to do was get out of that horrible “stress zone” by executing and doing what you had to do as soon as possible. So yes, in a way, procrastination is a huge cause of stress and just doing what you have to do as soon as possible is a simple solution to instantly avoiding extra stress. This is the secret I learned based off of a small simple statement from my teacher, Mr. T. Hope this helps everyone. Until next time… Stay happy!

– Brian



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