It’s Happening Again…

It’s that time of the year again. If you’re currently receiving any red envelopes full of money during this time of the month you know exactly what I mean. That’s right. It’s Chinese New Year. This time of the year is so important to us people that celebrate it and a lot of the time we’re extremely superstitious about it. Well at least my family is..

Every year I’m expected to clean up my whole house, decorate and set up fruits dot sacrifice and all sorts of stuff. All on hopes of a good new year. In addition to decorating everyone’s also a lot nicer which I’m guessing has something to do with the belief that the way you start off the first week of your new year will determine the way the rest of your year will turn out. I personally don’t know whether I believe these ideas or not but it’s better to believe than not to believe, at least that’s what the famous philosopher Blaise Pascal said.

But putting aside the superstitions and all the work put in during this time of the month, there’s actually a lot of fun involved with this holiday. First off you get rich off of one amazing holiday from all that good luck money your friends and family give you in the red envelopes. Secondly everyone’s a lot nicer since they want to start off their new year right so it’s the perfect time to ask your parents for that pony you’ve always wanted. Thirdly it’s a great time for bonding with family that you might not get to see so much in your daily lives. Overall I enjoy this holiday very much and I’m certainly glad I have the privilege to celebrate this holiday every year with my family and be a part of such a cozy, loving, and cheerful environment.


-Chinese decorations hung around the house, they include firecrackers that are normally used at midnight of the new year


-Red envelopes, filled with money and given to friends, kids, family members as good luck for the new year

dragon dance

-Dragon dancers are commonly seen in places that celebrate Chinese New Year



Little ways to explore

Get away.

People tend to think that running away or taking a complete break from a situation will help but avoiding problems won’t solve anything. Sometimes you don’t even have the option of running away.


I often find myself bored and weighed down by my life at various times and a feeling of wanting to flee usually comes into my mind at those times. I want to get out out there, explore, find new exciting things, to get away…

The alternative to avoiding the problem is to deal with it right away. I personally have trouble with this because my homework doesn’t get resolved until the night before it was due! However, all you need to do is take a breath and address the problem as soon as possible because the problem could grow or remain unresolved if you wait. The biggest problem I have right now is reinventing or trying to find new ways to liven up my usual routine based life. I’m guilty of waiting on this problem for too long and I fear that if I wait too long, I’ll soon become a boring person! Change and exploration go hand in hand. I would say they are necessary in life because as humans, we always explore and put ourselves in different situations to learn. By going through this process, we learn to overcome various problems. So I’ve created a small list of small ways to explore or change your life to make it more exciting and beneficial:

  1. Know that you just don’t know some things. Achieving this skill is key to self-awareness and progress for your educational purposes. If you realize that you do not know something, the obvious thing would to then find a way to get to know that thing. If you get an idea wrong, don’t give up!! Try again until you know or get more experience from it.
  2. Excercise. like a lot.

This advice is probably seen everywhere by now, but it truly helps so get off your laptop, get out of your house, and exercise!! Go ride a bike or take a walk!! Personally, I like the take a walk option the best. Taking walks lets you localize yourself, almost feel like you’re becoming more grounded and clear-minded. You have time to think during these exercise moments and your body is probably happy as well. If your body is happy, you’re sure to feel lighter as well.

  1. Read. like A LOT.

Read!! Whether it’s online, a newspaper, a novel, a magazine, anything really, just read. This gives you a sense of how certain things work in the world and makes your mind become familiar with situations you’ve never encountered before. Reading actually, dare I say it, takes you to other places. The stories put you in situations and you understand what is going on behind these situations. You don’t need to go anywhere physically! You can experience the Renaissance in a book. You can experience far off places, daring sword fights, a prince in disguise!

4. Learn a new skill.

5. Find new music.

6. Watch a movie.

7. Write about anything/ brainstorm.

Why I Need a Car

My whole life I’ve been around people — people that have survived car crashes ,people that are involved in crashes, and sadly, even people that didn’t make it through crashes. So without a doubt my parents, of course would not want me to be roaming on the streets in a vehicle that may or may not do me harm. But really… I need a car

Driving a car can be a life changing experience that gives you new opportunities. But it also has some cons. If I were able to drive, my parents would no longer be bothered Continue reading

Friend or Foe?

In this day and age, friends could be anyone that liked a post or picture of you on facebook or instagram or any other social media. The factors of friendship have not changed over time; there’s just a couple additions that mainly come with the advances in technology that humans have made over the years. One question that seems to have always existed for friendship is if the friendship is true.

What are the characteristics of a true friend?


A perfect example for friendship is the case of Julius Caesar, made famous through Shakespeare’s tale which told of Caesar’s literal stabbing in the back by those whom he considered true friends. A true friend is a person that can be trusted. Just like Caesar, people are hurt when a friend betrays their trust. Hopefully not hurt literally but there is no doubt that there is a wound in the betrayed person’s pride because they thought they had the correct judgement of another person and now they also lost someone who they thought was willing to support them.

  1. Comfort

A true friend is someone you can be yourself around!! Caesar was always paranoid of the people around him. He wasn’t comfortable with most of them.

  1. Extraordinary

A friend should be something out of the ordinary. Maybe they’re really smart. Or maybe they’re really trusting. Or maybe they’re just plain weird and you find them interesting to be around. There’s gotta be a reason why you like them enough to start interacting with them! Caesar befriended people like Brutus and Cassius because they were high up regarding ranks and it could be beneficial to Caesar.

  1. Stuff in common

Obviously you gotta have at least something in common with this person. Having things in common with another person allows you to talk to them more which will slowly build into a pretty cool friendship. Caesar was high ranking in the social hierarchy and so were those people who stabbed him. Of course, true friendship is always harder when politics and plots on your life are involved but these men had some things in common because they were in the same social class.

Those four traits might no be the only traits to being a true friend, but they are more or less the basis for a friend according to me.

SIMPLE SECRET: Instantly Reduce Your Stress and Worries

Semester grades are nearly coming. Projects are due, finals are coming. Everywhere I look, kids are crying, praying to the heavens, dreaming of some amazing results that they hope will magically appear. Who’s been there? I know I have. Very frightening, not something you’d want to experience, especially not twice a year. I really honestly hate stress with all my heart. It’s horrible, useless, and a lot of the time it gets you no where. I know stress is normal in everyday life but sometimes for me, as high school student, and for others, even adults, it can be overwhelming. Well recently I learned about this period of time between when you are told to do something and the deadline that you are to do it by. I don’t remember what it’s called but I’ll definitely let you guys know once I find out. For now let’s call this the “stress zone.”  Ever since I learned about this “stress zone” and what it can do, I’ve been able to view everything differently. And I want to thank Mr. T for that.


Basically what you want to do is reduce this period of  “stress zone” to the shortest length possible. The longer you wait on accomplishing what you need to do, the longer you stay unhappy and unsure in this “stress zone.” The longer you stay in this zone, the longer you are stressed. Conveniently, this applies to almost all situations including those in life, sports and of course school. For example, maybe you had a goal to increase your vertical by 5 inches over the summer. From now until summer, there will be multiple occasions where you just sit down and wonder what you’ll do to achieve that goal. You think, you plan everything out, then you worry that it won’t work. So you change it, perfect it, then change it again and again and again. Every week you stress and think of all the possibilities and outcomes of this when all this time you could have been working in the gym and increasing that vertical. But in reality summer finally comes along and you finally start working towards that goal. By now you could have been halfway towards your goal, not barely starting. In addition, so much stressing and fussing could have easily been avoided. All you had to do was get out of that horrible “stress zone” by executing and doing what you had to do as soon as possible. So yes, in a way, procrastination is a huge cause of stress and just doing what you have to do as soon as possible is a simple solution to instantly avoiding extra stress. This is the secret I learned based off of a small simple statement from my teacher, Mr. T. Hope this helps everyone. Until next time… Stay happy!

– Brian


On What Athletes Can Teach Writers

Very simple message that goes a long way.

The Daily Post

You might say that sports and writing are like chalk and cheese — polar opposites — though today I bring you two quotes from two very different star athletes that I feel apply directly to writing.

The first, from Michael Jordan, the “greatest basketball player of all time.”

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

–Michael Jordan

You don’t get to be a six-time NBA champion without a few mistakes, a few false starts, and a few failed attempts along the way. The same can be said for writing. Consider the posts that sit in your trash — those few “failed attempts” that started with a spark that went dark. Consider…

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