In life people mess up. I’ve messed up, you’ve messed up. In one way or another we’ve all made mistakes in our lives. But just because we make mistakes doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be forgiven right? Wrong. Some mistakes truly cannot be forgiven, we all understand that but the case of Lance Armstrong is one I believe should be. Lance Armstrong, in the beginning of 2013, admitted to doping and credited his seven Tour de France victories to these drugs. He had been using them for ten years and when suspicion grew of him doping he denied it every time until 2012 when he was finally caught, leading to his confession.

Millions around the world were outraged. For seven years he had perceived the eyes of the people, and caused them to believe such lies. The great cyclist everyone viewed him as was no more. Now he was just a phony and to many he still is to this day. Well I believe he should be forgiven. He mad a horrible mistake in his life, yes, but he had the courage to admit it live on national television with millions of viewers watching. I took this event as a turning point in Lance’s life. As a new direction, a new beginning, a new Lance Armstrong. It reminded me of a quote, “Now you are a man, and have chose your own path,” because he knew he was wrong for cheating, but he was willing to come back a different person and improve himself. He plans on competing again and is testifying and trying his best to lift his lifetime ban from competition ( In addition, this act of confession from Lance Armstrong shows not only maturity but responsibility for one’s actions and an impression that he does indeed want to become a better person. The many characteristics that his one act shows makes me come to conclude that he does need to be forgiven, while many others still disagree. I’m very interested to see what’s up next for Lance Armstrong and how the next few years of his life turn out to be. Will he be an inspiration to others, leading as an example of how to get up from a setback? Or will he crumble and forget forever, his dreams of coming back and competing as an elite once again.

Lance admits to doping on Oprah:


Lance Armstrong


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