Truth is

“Truth can only be expressed and enveloped in words if it is one-sided.”

The truth is, words are powerful. They can be used to hurt others, to show love, to share information, and more. Basically, words are the translations of a person’s thoughts. Words are used to express one’s thoughts which can for certain cases contain untrue content. It’s not even an opinion problem. It’s the fact that a person’s thoughts are often what they think to be right.

In a film called Pinocchio, a girl has this make-believe condition called the Pinocchio syndrome which makes her unable to lie. She pursues her dream to become a reporter which seems perfect because reporters tell the truth. However, she soon finds out that reporters can and are sometimes required to lie. Reporters scrounge up whatever information they have on the topic and try to make the most sense of the situation. Just to be clear, the character in the film, becomes a television news reporter and has to make the report on the spot which leaves her to report what she thinks to be the correct information on the story. A girl who can’t lie, can lie? What?! She speaks the truth because based on what she thinks to be the truth.

You’re probably thinking: Well what if the reporter did extensive research on the story and everything was indeed correct and factual? Of course, in this case with the news reporter, the answer to the question is that the quote is incorrect. The truth can be enveloped and expressed in words. The quote is true for certain cases and incorrect for others.

For example, this blog post that I am typing right now is probably not “true” or factual. It’s what I think. There is not an inkling of truth in this post except what I think to be true. I guess what is deemed to be true can be put into words according to each person’s point of view. I just proved my argument. wow. uhm…

So truth can’t be expressed into truth unless it is one-sided because everyone views the truth of a situation from different point of views, but that is a good thing. Different truths from different people are what allows us to adapt and move forward.


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