Charles Barkley – Lose Yourself

Charles Barkley is a role model for young kids everywhere. Kids all over the world dream of being like him and being as good as he was at basketball and as successful as he is now in life. That’s one side of him. That’s the side that little kids who look up to their role models see in him. Then there’s the other side of him. The side that doesn’t care what people think, doesn’t care what people say, and of course doesn’t care what he says. He is his own person. He can say what he wants when he wants and there’s no way in the world anyone can make him take it back. And for those reasons I look up to him.


Although I really look up to Charles Barkley as a person and a basketball player, that doesn’t mean that there have been times when he was wrong, and sometimes faced consequences (minor and sometimes major) for being wrong about what he said or saying too many things that caused offense to others. An example of this was a couple years back when Charles was on set during a TNT halftime report. ( The conversations flowed and when asked if he would miss San Antonio he replied with “no because they ain’t got no skinny women down there.” The result was women and models over San Antonio all posting pictures of their healthy and skinny selves and tagging Charles Barkley in them. Even after this he refused to apologize. Very bold of you Charles. Way to stick up for yourself even when you were wrong. Some people may say its stubborn but I think it’s great. Simply just a man defending himself and standing up for himself even when others thought his opinions were wrong and stupid. He doesn’t mind being stupid. And that’s truly great.


“Opinions mean nothing; they may be beautiful or ugly, clever or foolish, anyone can embrace or reject them.” Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, just like how everyone is entitled to react to different things in different ways. Charles Barkley knows this and does a good job being himself. Losing himself and not caring what people say or think about him is a great strength of Charles Barkley and its a trait that I one day wish to acquire. Way to go Charles. Once again, you’re the man! Great role modeling!


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