I’m sorry I punched you in the face

I honestly do not like rain. I mean I know it’s good for the drought that we’re having and all but it does not make me feel great. To me, rain is like a giant thing blocking your way and trapping you inside. Like when Mia in the Princess Diaries is prevented by the rain to attend her very important royal debut as a legit princess. If you don’t remember the Princess Diaries films, it’s basically about an awkward teenage girl named Amelia(Mia) who discovers that she is the heir to the royal throne of some distant foreign country. It’s an old and very cliche disney movie but it reminds me of rain not only for the sole reason that she gets stuck in the rain and can’t go to her royal party though. The rain represents complications and everyone has complications. In the film, Mia has close friends and family who are challenged with Mia’s sudden change in lifestyle. She’s always bombarded with cameras and paparazzi which is so different from her being completely invisible.

As Mia is struggling to keep up with her royal life, her friends feel like they’ve been cast aside. But even through the heavy downpour of complications that her royal life brought her, her friends don’t give up on her and in the end, they stay by her side and encourage her to take her duty as a princess. SO CHEESY. I’M SORRY. What old disney movies aren’t cheesy though?

Anyways, loyalty is truly a strong and rare trait especially when things are rough. When it rains I admit I’m not the easiest person to be around because I’m trapped for seven hours inside classrooms with people who are not so pleasant.

Me to everybody when it’s raining:

Me to everybody after the rain:

Some Lilo and Stitch action yay!

Even though things don’t go so well during the rain, my friends still stick with me and I think that’s really great of them considering my mood during the rain. Loyalty is great and rare. You know someone is loyal when their loyalty doesn’t wash away when it rains or when there are complications. So what I’m saying is that even the rain can’t wash away certain things and those things can help you get back on track or off to your royal gathering!


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