Dragon’s Lair

The meaning of nature is one you should always get to learn. It was just two days ago. Or maybe it was two years. I always forget. Ever since the injury my memory just hasn’t been the same. We were hiking along Mt. Everest, my friends and I, seven of us, when a huge snowstorm hit. I was the only survivor but alone, starved, and half dead I had no idea where to go. I went downward, trying my best to use all my willpower to get to safety. It had been 6 days of surviving off nothing but frozen carrot sticks and icy cold snow water when I finally saw it. A couple hundred more steps and I’d be safe. Just as my hopes raised I blacked out. I felt as if I was falling for days but when I woke up I was in an empty cave. Just a fire, the icy cold walls, and me. No exit. I began to cry. And then I explored. As I kept walking I saw a giant door and of course I opened it…

As soon as I opened it I knew it was the biggest mistake of my life.. at least, that’s what I thought. Inside was the most beautiful nightmare I had ever seen. Piles of gold everywhere and a dragon, so beautiful, majestic, extraordinary, eating up 20 men alive. I began to make a run for it, to get to the exit but the door was no longer there. I waited in simple horror as fellow humans, the people of my species, were being demolished, destroyed, eaten alive. I was scared for my life. When the dragon had finished its feast it saw me crying. Oh how pathetic I must have looked. Well apparently this little (actually very large) dragon had a heart, spoke english too. It asked me why in the world I looked like I just woke up from a nightmare but all I could manage to get out of myself was a little, “oh please don’t kill me.”

It chuckled, then laughed, now it was laughing uncontrollably. The dragon told me, “Oh silly I’m not going to kill you.”

“Then why’d you kill those twenty men?”

“They were trying to steal my gold and get the word out of my existence.” the dragoon answered. “But as for you it’s obvious you mean me know harm so I will grant you some nice meals that I myself will prepare and a safe passage home with some of my fine gold.”

“Oh gee thanks! You’re the best! NATURE is the best.” I finally realized people that don’t like nature aren’t apart of it, they are against it but if you embrace nature, be part of nature, nature will likely give back to you. I don’t know how true this is but I believe it is.

The next day I was on my way out piled in gold, stuffed with food, and a new friend. I gave my buddy the dragon a big hug and was on my way.

Hugging-the-Dragon-may-be-more-Helpful (1)

I couldn’t wait to get home to spend all this gold and live like a king, but sadly I woke up.


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