Life in Rain

Cats and dogs were literally falling from the sky. Just kidding. But seriously, where I live, there’s been some extreme rainfall lately. I’m talking inches and inches of water. Crazy thing was.., I LOVED IT (reminds my of my childhood hero, Drippy the Raindrop). Days like that remind me of a nice, long drink of water after a tiring practice,  so refreshing! It’s soothing, the pitter-patter of the rain and the feeling of the raindrops dripping down my face.

Putting my love for rain aside, I have too admit it does give off some gloomy vibes. The song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter always emits the same vibe. WhenI was little, that song always played on the radio while my parents, and I drove and watched the rain roll down the windows. I can still hear the back and forth swish of the windshield wipers. You can listen to the song in the link below:

My absolute favorite thing about rainy weather is the sun and rainbow that come soon after. Likewise, I find the sparkling of the wet leaves and grass extremely pleasant and beautiful. I’ve always wondered what was at the end of one of those rainbows. I used to believe there was a tiny leprechaun ready to have his gold stolen at the end of one of those things but I’ll never forget the day I found the end of a rainbow. It was back in Utah, I’ve lived there for much of my childhood and what people don’t know is that its not just a bunch of hot sunlight and hillbillies over there. We get some serious rainfall and a huge share of storms as well, especially given that we live right next to a mountain. Well on a regular rainy day, when much of the rain has subsided, I didn’t look for the rainbow but apparently, the rainbow had searched for me hard and well. Not too far from my house the rainbow ended. It was too far up the mountain for me to reach obviously but by looking at it I could tell my childhood was a lie… probably. I couldn’t see a single shining piece of gold nor a tiny leprechaun. I was devastated. But then again, I was a good distance away so I could not see even if there was a leprechaun there. Obviously I was disappointed but now I’m still optimistic. I really hope one day I can stand where a rainbow ends and prove my childhood was not a lie after all!… or you know, just get my dreams crushed when I find the rainbow and see that no leprechaun has shown up. Well whatever the result will be, I’ll definitely be looking forward to it. 🙂


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