Truth is

“Truth can only be expressed and enveloped in words if it is one-sided.”

The truth is, words are powerful. They can be used to hurt others, to show love, to share information, and more. Basically, words are the translations of a person’s thoughts. Words are used to express one’s thoughts which can for certain cases contain untrue content. It’s not even an opinion problem. It’s the fact that a person’s thoughts are often what they think to be right.

In a film called Pinocchio, a girl has this make-believe condition called the Pinocchio syndrome which makes her unable to lie. She pursues her dream to become a reporter which seems perfect because reporters tell the truth. However, she soon finds out that reporters can and are sometimes required to lie. Reporters scrounge up whatever information they have on the topic and try to make the most sense of the situation. Just to be clear, the character in the film, becomes a television news reporter and has to make the report on the spot which leaves her to report what she thinks to be the correct information on the story. A girl who can’t lie, can lie? What?! She speaks the truth because based on what she thinks to be the truth.

You’re probably thinking: Well what if the reporter did extensive research on the story and everything was indeed correct and factual? Of course, in this case with the news reporter, the answer to the question is that the quote is incorrect. The truth can be enveloped and expressed in words. The quote is true for certain cases and incorrect for others.

For example, this blog post that I am typing right now is probably not “true” or factual. It’s what I think. There is not an inkling of truth in this post except what I think to be true. I guess what is deemed to be true can be put into words according to each person’s point of view. I just proved my argument. wow. uhm…

So truth can’t be expressed into truth unless it is one-sided because everyone views the truth of a situation from different point of views, but that is a good thing. Different truths from different people are what allows us to adapt and move forward.


Just a great big magic trick

“Time is not real and if time is not real then the dividing line that seems to live between this world and eternity, between suffering and loss, between good and evil is also an illusion.”

Things that are perceived to be good often hold the most evil. There are many dimensions that are the past, present, and future all at the same time. Suffering and loss mirror each other. Goodness can come from evil deeds as evil can be committed by good people in the most desperate times.

The thing about comparing two opposite things to each other is that you soon find out that because they are completely different they contribute to each other and thus become exactly like the other. In a way, doing good can lead to evil and doing evil can lead to good. For example, good people lie which is deemed as a sin to protect others.

Take the Disney film, Maleficent, for example. Maleficent has always been perceived to be the villain. She places a curse on a princess. She seems violent towards the humans in the kingdom next to her forest. As Aurora grows up, Maleficent is with her and takes care of her even though she is the one who has created Aurora’s ultimate doom. Maleficent also goes to war with the kingdom neighboring the forest to protect the forest. The villain that is supposed to be Maleficent is actually good. The king of the neighboring kingdom, King Stephen, who was perceived to be one of the “good guys” is actually more of a villainous nature than Maleficent is. So there really is no line between two contradicting things like good and bad or this world and eternity.

Some people say that there are an infinite number of dimensions in which we live, die, suffer, love and learn all at the same time. That we are experiencing many outcomes in one. That said, there is no such thing as time. It’s an illusion. Just like the line between good and bad is an illusion.

This quote’s got a bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme where it makes sense and doesn’t at the same time. But that’s the thing. Two completely different things with different concepts contradict each other to make sense. The two ideas that seem to contradict each other have no line in between them because they are constantly switching back and forwards between one idea and the next. Good becomes bad. Now is also the past and the future.Those lines are just illusions. Just one big magic trick.

Charles Barkley – Lose Yourself

Charles Barkley is a role model for young kids everywhere. Kids all over the world dream of being like him and being as good as he was at basketball and as successful as he is now in life. That’s one side of him. That’s the side that little kids who look up to their role models see in him. Then there’s the other side of him. The side that doesn’t care what people think, doesn’t care what people say, and of course doesn’t care what he says. He is his own person. He can say what he wants when he wants and there’s no way in the world anyone can make him take it back. And for those reasons I look up to him.


Although I really look up to Charles Barkley as a person and a basketball player, that doesn’t mean that there have been times when he was wrong, and sometimes faced consequences (minor and sometimes major) for being wrong about what he said or saying too many things that caused offense to others. An example of this was a couple years back when Charles was on set during a TNT halftime report. ( The conversations flowed and when asked if he would miss San Antonio he replied with “no because they ain’t got no skinny women down there.” The result was women and models over San Antonio all posting pictures of their healthy and skinny selves and tagging Charles Barkley in them. Even after this he refused to apologize. Very bold of you Charles. Way to stick up for yourself even when you were wrong. Some people may say its stubborn but I think it’s great. Simply just a man defending himself and standing up for himself even when others thought his opinions were wrong and stupid. He doesn’t mind being stupid. And that’s truly great.


“Opinions mean nothing; they may be beautiful or ugly, clever or foolish, anyone can embrace or reject them.” Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, just like how everyone is entitled to react to different things in different ways. Charles Barkley knows this and does a good job being himself. Losing himself and not caring what people say or think about him is a great strength of Charles Barkley and its a trait that I one day wish to acquire. Way to go Charles. Once again, you’re the man! Great role modeling!

I’m sorry I punched you in the face

I honestly do not like rain. I mean I know it’s good for the drought that we’re having and all but it does not make me feel great. To me, rain is like a giant thing blocking your way and trapping you inside. Like when Mia in the Princess Diaries is prevented by the rain to attend her very important royal debut as a legit princess. If you don’t remember the Princess Diaries films, it’s basically about an awkward teenage girl named Amelia(Mia) who discovers that she is the heir to the royal throne of some distant foreign country. It’s an old and very cliche disney movie but it reminds me of rain not only for the sole reason that she gets stuck in the rain and can’t go to her royal party though. The rain represents complications and everyone has complications. In the film, Mia has close friends and family who are challenged with Mia’s sudden change in lifestyle. She’s always bombarded with cameras and paparazzi which is so different from her being completely invisible.

As Mia is struggling to keep up with her royal life, her friends feel like they’ve been cast aside. But even through the heavy downpour of complications that her royal life brought her, her friends don’t give up on her and in the end, they stay by her side and encourage her to take her duty as a princess. SO CHEESY. I’M SORRY. What old disney movies aren’t cheesy though?

Anyways, loyalty is truly a strong and rare trait especially when things are rough. When it rains I admit I’m not the easiest person to be around because I’m trapped for seven hours inside classrooms with people who are not so pleasant.

Me to everybody when it’s raining:

Me to everybody after the rain:

Some Lilo and Stitch action yay!

Even though things don’t go so well during the rain, my friends still stick with me and I think that’s really great of them considering my mood during the rain. Loyalty is great and rare. You know someone is loyal when their loyalty doesn’t wash away when it rains or when there are complications. So what I’m saying is that even the rain can’t wash away certain things and those things can help you get back on track or off to your royal gathering!

Dragon’s Lair

The meaning of nature is one you should always get to learn. It was just two days ago. Or maybe it was two years. I always forget. Ever since the injury my memory just hasn’t been the same. We were hiking along Mt. Everest, my friends and I, seven of us, when a huge snowstorm hit. I was the only survivor but alone, starved, and half dead I had no idea where to go. I went downward, trying my best to use all my willpower to get to safety. It had been 6 days of surviving off nothing but frozen carrot sticks and icy cold snow water when I finally saw it. A couple hundred more steps and I’d be safe. Just as my hopes raised I blacked out. I felt as if I was falling for days but when I woke up I was in an empty cave. Just a fire, the icy cold walls, and me. No exit. I began to cry. And then I explored. As I kept walking I saw a giant door and of course I opened it…

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Life in Rain

Cats and dogs were literally falling from the sky. Just kidding. But seriously, where I live, there’s been some extreme rainfall lately. I’m talking inches and inches of water. Crazy thing was.., I LOVED IT (reminds my of my childhood hero, Drippy the Raindrop). Days like that remind me of a nice, long drink of water after a tiring practice,  so refreshing! It’s soothing, the pitter-patter of the rain and the feeling of the raindrops dripping down my face.

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