Performance Enhancing Drug Tests

Many professional athletes in the past have either cheated or ruined their careers using steroids or performance enhancing drugs to get their way. Some examples include the famous case of cyclist Lance Armstrong, NBA player Hedo Turkoglu, and MLB all star Ryan Braun. Lance was revoked of every award he “earned” while the other two players were suspended from playing their respective sports. These players would have easily prevented disasters in their careers had drug tests been a necessity, except for Hedo Turkoglu, who had only used the steroids to help heal his nagging knee injury more effectively. Overall performance enhancing drug tests should not only be required but necessary for all sports in all levels including the collegiate and high school levels.

steroids7.jpg.scaled500        hedo-turkoglu-suspended-steroids-videoLance-Armstrong-Steroids-dope2b

The main reason for not allowing performance enhancing drugs is so that athletes cannot poison their body and receive unfair advantages over fellow competitors. Performance enhancing drugs have caused many problems for users in the past and definitely should not be something allowed in any level or competition, but for this to happen, the action starts in high school. Every year during four year high school plan each athlete should be tested for the use of steroids before they are allowed to play so that they will get in the habit of working hard to earn scholarships and success and to get in the habit would lead to athletes caring fro their bodies and reducing use of steroids/ performance enhancing drugs. In addition, with the use of performance enhancing drugs, as soon as one person on a team uses it, it is almost certain that others on the team will begin to use it as well. This results in even more unhealthy bodies in the long run and puts these new users at risk of new dangers that will come with using the drug. With all this evidence it is extremely obvious that performance enhancing drugs/steroids have absolutely no good for a high school student which is why performance drug tests should be a necessity for all athletes in high school. Not only will the competitions be more fair but all athletes will now be kept from the dangers and risks of using these drugs.

In conclusion, I believe that although steroids can be a great thing for older people with disabilities such as major back or knee problems, I do not believe they should be something that a teenager in high school or college should have access to. Although I do not think those two levels of sports should be allowed to use these drugs, I believe under special circumstances with a doctor’s consent, professional athletes should have the right to use them to speed up recovery or reduce pain in body problems. But other than for the use of medication, I do not believe any levels of sports should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs and that each level should have at least two tests a year to search for these drugs and eliminate them in all athletes of all levels in all sports forever.


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