I hate writer’s block.

I am currently having a “writer’s block” which is when one can not think of anything to write even though I’ve been productively staring at my screen hoping to come up with the slightest feel of creativity about to strike me. Writer’s block is absolutely the most irritating thing. It’s like when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and it just becomes and awkward silence. It’s really frustrating. The words don’t come to your mind and you find yourself awkwardly staring at the blank page. I think it comes from just not getting inspiration from anything or being afraid that your writing will suck. In this case, I apply to both of those reasons. So for this blog post, I decided to list out some ways to potentially cure writer’s block. I know, ironic right?

Please keep in mind that these are the things I do when I am having a writer’s block, but I am also trying to align these potential cures with everyone else.

CURE NO. 1: Go on a social media website.

Social media is a place where people share things that seem to be worth sharing like inspiring videos, pictures, quotes, or ideas. Sometimes, social media can be a creativity jackpot. Other times, it can be super annoying because of the abundance of notifications and trolls. I recommend sites like wordpress obviously, pinterest for cool pictures, and maybe facebook or twitter. Remember you can get creativity from anything. You can write about a thought you had when reading someone’s tweet or what you thought of a video that someone shared on facebook.

CURE NO. 2: Write anything.

Write anything that comes to your mind. Just write down all your thoughts. Write down the thoughts you had when you thought about writing down your thoughts even.

CURE NO. 3: Just name a bunch of objects.

Name a bunch of random objects and hopefully they’ll make you think of an interesting memory or idea.

CURE NO. 4: Write from a different perspective.

Writing from a different perspective could let you see how the perspective you were originally trying to write.


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