There’s No Place Like Home

What is home to you? For me home isn’t where I live, it’s where I’m most at peace. Home is the place where you’re most comfortable but it is also the place where you’re born. For a lot of people home, the place where they’re happiest and most comfortable is where they are born. I sadly, am not one of those people. My home, is Utah. I was born in Fountain Valley in 1999 but moved to Utah when I was 4. There I only spent a year and a half living there before coming back to California. It wasn’t until 7 years later that I finally came back to Utah but even through my 7 year absence from Utah, it still felt like that was where I belonged.


Sadly I cannot live in Utah. It’s a nice place to live, extremely peaceful, and a nice place to get away but I feel there’s not much to do there. Home is home but that doesn’t mean that you can’t leave home. You can leave home, go places, experience new things, and when you come back home you’ll always come back to the same place but it will be a bit different. The differences you will notice are that when you’re back home you’ll be the same person with more knowledge and experience and your home may be more evolved as well, and that’s how I feel about life.

“How does your home relate to life?”

You will always be yourself like how home will always be home. Over time you have to leave your comfort zones like how you leave home and in the end when you’ve gotten comfortable with leaving your comfort zone you can come back to yourself, like coming back home. When you do this you will realize the person you’ve been your whole life is still there, but now that person will have gained so much experience and learned so much that they have completely evolved into a slightly different but better self. This evolution is great and if one were to get used to it, they would find comfort and peace in themselves like they would in the place they call home, whether that’s your actual house, the beach, or a different state.



2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. mvumylinh says:

    I definitely know how you feel and, you’re right. New experiences can really change a person. I also completely agree that home is where you’re happiest; even if it’s not where you currently live.


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