Flexibility is Key

This week, I found a poem that really got to me. From the poem I deduced that the message was “Flexibility is Key”. Let me explain this more. I mean flexibility as in of the mind but if you can do like the splits or something, that’s cool too. Flexibility of the mind means that you are more open to new ideas, different opinions, and you have the ability to adapt to these new ideas and opinions. I think flexibility is extremely important because if you go around always believing one idea or one opinion, you are not getting anywhere. Other kind of flexibility wise, if you were stiff and stubborn, you would not be able to do any of those flexible things that flexible people do. You may think your way is the “right” way or that it’s how it’s always been done. This is basically how you do not win at life. Let’s face it. The world is always changing. There are new ideas, new opinions, new everything everyday. You can not stick to the same routine everyday and expect to rise up in the world and conquer it. To win, you have to be flexible.

The poem talks about the weak or bendable being the ones who rise up and conquer the stiff and breakable ones. For example, small companies that are open to new ideas and new opinions become successful because they are innovative and adapt to the ever changing world while the old tradition loving companies tend to shut down anything new. These big companies have trouble adapting because they are inflexible.

The message throughout this poem also alludes to those movies with the classic popular jocks and cheerleaders. These jocks and cheerleaders are super strict about who can hang out with them. They will only except those who are “cool” or like them. Basically, the have to be a cheerleader or a jock. If you’re below them, you’re ignored and probably treated like a peasant. But this would probably be the worst mistake they could make because those people that they ignored and did not even try to get to know will rise to success. Then, those “cool” kids would probably feel regret about the girl or guy they didn’t want to get involved with because they weren’t “cool”. The tables turn and the people who were ignored are too busy celebrating their success while those once cool kids are filled with regret. This is all because the jocks and cheerleaders were not open to different types of people. They wanted to stick to tradition which obviously did not turn out well. If they were flexible, they could’ve been up there celebrating with those successful kids. Flexibility is key. Tradition kinda sucks.



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