Be Water Not Fire

Recently I ran across a poem and it described the characteristics of water. It showed how water gave to all living things itself, and every time, asked for nothing in return. Water is always relied upon to be a source of survival for us. It comes when it isn’t wanted like in floods or disasters, but is also there when you need it, during rainfall in a dry land, or in a cup for a tired athlete. The thing that remains in all those situations though, is that every time it gave, it never required something to be given back. So i thought to myself, was the author trying to show us the characteristics of water and in a way demand that we be more like it? Well that was he exact connection I made when I had read the poem. Be better in life and in society.

What I view people and society now as is fire.I know not all people are like this but in general we are like fire. Fire destroys, it takes everything it sees, even if it doesn’t need it. It takes things that it knows it doesn’t want just for the sake of having it. Fire is destructive. We are destructive. But not for long. Although I believe we are as a society, fire, I also know we can be water. One at a time we will learn to love, to give, and to appreciate, without ever asking for anything in return. That’s world I dream of living in and that’s also a world I believe I will, sooner or later, get to live in.


Now completely unrelated to society and being water b y giving, I also remembered a quote from Bruce Lee. I can’t remember it exactly but he told his audience to be like water. Water becomes anything. Anything that holds the water the water becomes. If it is in your hand it becomes your hand, if it’s in a cup it becomes the cup, if it is in the air or on the ground, it becomes the air and the ground. I took this to mean be like water, be like water by being able to become anything you want to be. So overall, I think it’s safe to say being water is always beneficial. Water will help you become a better person, develop a better society, and have the ability to become anything you want to be. I challenge you to be water. Unless you can find anything better to be. 🙂



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