The “i” in Society

Social media is a great way to communicate and share cool things we find. Don’t get me wrong. I love my social media as much as the next person. What’s not to love about it? There’s pictures of super cute animals on there and FOOD. I think the problem with social media or rather the problem with society currently, is that not many people know when to stop using their social media or they don’t use social media for good reasons. I’ll elaborate on these good reasons later.

In my opinion, social media is used for communicating with people who are not with us at that moment. You just want to talk to them and that is totally cool. BUT. It’s not cool when you are hanging out with your friends. It makes you look really rude and gives off the vibe that you would rather be with the person you are texting than be with the friends who are hanging out with you at that moment. It makes the other person feel like you don’t have the PATIENCE to have a normal CONVERSATION with them. That you would rather be texting, snapchatting, or whatever it is  with other people. Let me remind you that you do not make memories through SCREENS. You make them through EXPERIENCES and actually doing something as opposed to just being sat all the time and staring at that tiny box when there is a whole world out there if you would just stop, look, and interact with it. You would be missing the whole point of life. You would not be able to experience as much and you would make the people around you feel kinda crappy at the same time.


Another reason you should stop, drop, and look at that amazingly beautiful world right in front of you is it will improve your health!!! It’s a weird fact, I know, but if people weren’t so immersed into their phone so much all the time, their attention span would actually be better. I actually have friends who use their phones excessively and I found out that it actually does affect most of their attention spans. I would have to call friend’s name about three times for her to hear, but if I call my other friend who limits his phone use he turns around almost right away. It really hurts me when I can’t have a good conversation with my friends because they are always on their phones. I feel really annoyed because they become extremely dull and I can’t make them stop using their phones. They become really slow as well. I’m not sure if this makes sense. Uhm, well their speech becomes really slurred sometimes and they sound sleepy and disinterested and boring.


This is my final reason. This is probably the one that explains the whole point of my blog post. We live in a society that is extremely and ultimately obsessed with the ego. In our society there is the IPhone, the Imac, the Ipad, Ipod, Selfie….It’s all about the “I” or the “self”. Too many people our obsessed with themselves. It makes me really sad and irritated that we interact like this now.

I found this video and it really inspired me:

I’m not sure if there’s any solutions other than to stop staring at your screen and live in the moment.

This was kind of a rant sort of blog. Please comment if you found it relatable or if you want to add or correct something!


One thought on “The “i” in Society

  1. cornerview says:

    I totally agree. I think that it is great that you could let people know about this. People tend to spend too much time on their social media stuff and it makes them less appreciate what they have. They look other other peoples post and usually the post is about what they have or are doing. That then makes people wish they could do that or have that too. Finally, the part about the self centeredness is quite sad but true. People should spend more time caring about others not just themselves.


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