Success and Failure

Some people dream of success, nothing more, nothing less. They say they want it so bad and that they won’t accept anything else. When they faced failure they couldn’t accept it, they failed and never got back up.. I was one of those people. I used to be one who believed in perfection in execution from the moment you start your task to the moment you finish. If you did it wrong you’e an idiot and you aren’t meant for the job. Now as you can see these thoughts were not very positive or intelligent in any way. They were just thoughts of a young kid, too blind to realize there is beauty in failing. There is an anonymous quote out there that says, “Give me a guy who doesn’t fail, and I’ll give you a guy who doesn’t have high expectations.” What it basically means is success is great, yeah of course, BUT if you never fail you aren’t challenging yourself and if you aren’t challenging yourself you will never get better in anything you do whether it’s sports, school, or just life in genera you will never get to the next level without failure.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying fail as much as you can because it will make you successful. I’m saying FAIL WITH A PURPOSE. Fail with the desire to get better. Fail with the desire to get back up. Fail as if you’re trying to succeed, couldn’t, but chose to get back up and give it a second try again. It’s really not about your first try at something, its all about your last try at something. Your first try at something will be the second most important thing while your last try is the most important. That’s because after you succeed you look back and compare how much you’ve improved, how high you’ve elevated yourself, and you use that knowledge and apply it to anything else in life that you may face in the future.

Fail_to_success      info-graphic-Think-to-Succeed

I have failed so many times in life, but I have also succeeded because I chose one day to think, “What if I kept trying?” or “Is failing really that bad?” Just one thought took me to believe in myself a little more, purposely set the bar a bit higher, and then try to go after my goals with such desire that even if I set the bar a bit too high on purpose, I’d still eventually get to my destination. So yes success is nice BUT failure is too because failure is needed for success. I’m not saying you need to fail but I am saying that it is definitely okay to do so. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


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