Books/Movie Life vs. Real life

This is a bit of a random fun blog that I decided to do and as I do not have a lot of time, bear with me! Okay enough of me rambling, let’s get to it! Hope you guys like it!

Just admit. We all wish our lives could be like those in movies and books. Where the girl gets the guy who also happens to be some sort of supernatural creature and then they both save the world. Or the super quiet guy happens to suddenly attain magical powers and save the girl of his dreams while defeating weird clown faced villains.

Although this would be totally cool, there’s that one annoying thing that just messes this up for us.. oh yeah. It’s called REALITY. Most of us know that reality is not a happy little fairy tale. Here are some instances where the fictional life clashes with reality.


I’m going to just use books for the “things” that you drop as an example. The totally cool thing that would happen in a fictional movie or book would be

1. You gracefully drop your books.

2. Your dream guy pops out of nowhere and reaches down to help you with your books

3. YOur hands touch as you reach for the books and BAM you guys fall in love then proceed to live in a gigantic mansion together.

Meanwhile, in reality, this is what really happens.

1. YOu ungracefully drop all your books, making a noise loud enough for aliens in different galaxies to hear it.

2. (This part has two possible outcomes.)

a. Your dream guy stares at you all weird and you die of embarrassment.


b. Your dream guy doesn’t even exist because there has been no proof explaining the existence of vampires, werewolves, superman, etc.



This is basically every Harry Potter fan’s dream or any body’s dream. Who doesn’t like magic, Daniel Radcliffe or the inspiring Emma Watson?

So, in a books/movie life, these things would happen if you attended a magical fantastic school of wizardry.

1. You inherit magical powers but don’t know that you have them until your in your teens.

2. You go to this wizard school and find out that you are the chosen one. (*O*)

3. You are then caught in a love triangle between two other wizards who end up dating each other later.

4. You find out who your real parents are.

4. A huge battle happens!!!

5. You manage to defeat the villain that has been terrorizing the wizard community for years and everyone loves you.

Here’s what happens in real life:

1. None of the things in the book/movie happens to you because Hogwarts or any schools of wizardry don’t exist. (Or does it?)

That is all guys! It was a bit short and I didn’t have a BUNCH of scenarios but I wanted this to be quick. I hope you enjoyed this and comment if any of these things are relatable or if I should talk about other scenarios next time!


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