The Key to Knowledge and Understanding

The key to knowledge and understanding is quite simple. But first let’s see what the benefits of knowledge and understanding are. To be knowledgeable a person must have understanding so one cannot be without the other. I find that sometimes I have trouble understanding something yet I keep trying to learn. Well usually this doesn’t work out because in the end how much do you know? Well most likely, nothing much. Without understanding there really is no knowledge and vice versa like I mentioned before. Well what do you think is a good way to develop skills of understanding and knowledge?


So.. what is the key to knowledge and understanding? READING OF COURSE. What you read a lot of the time defines who you are as a person. Not only does reading give you knowledge on what your reading, it also connects you to others with the same interest as you. In addition, what you read may even affect the way you act and your moods and personalities. Books can have many effects on you but at the same time, withhold the power to unite everyone together as a community.  A great example would be Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling wrote these amazing books in her series and it created a bang in the world as readers fled to meet and greets for her and events made to celebrate the books. What all the fans of these books are showing by doing those things is unity. They no matter how far apart and how different they are have come together as one through BOOKS and through READING. Whether it was something huge like a worldwide fan club or something simple like inside jokes about the books, they still united as one through reading.


What I challenge you is to find a book you like and read it. Then find more books you like and KEEP READING. It will be great. Soon you will be able to look at books and know they’re gonna be interesting rather than reading it a bit and then not liking it. Reading is great. Take the challenge. Unite as one and read what you enjoy. Relax and let the world of books and stories guide you through to parts of your mind you’ve never explored before. Have fun. 🙂



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