Beauty of Meditation

Recently my trainer taught me about meditation and how helpful it can be. He said that people who meditated were usually some of the most chill and relaxed people you’d meet. But when it was time to get serious they were serious. Completely in the zone and nothing could distract them.


Meditation gets you into a zone where you can either focus on one thing at a time, or nothing at all. It was an extremely hard experience to keep my eyes closed, and use a special breathing method for even just 3 minutes! I kept reaching for that itch on my nose or wondering how much time I had left. But after about a minute I understood and got used to the routine and slowly I breathed in, held it, and then breathed out and my mind was completely blank. I heard nothing, I saw nothing, and I thought nothing. I felt peace for the first time. It was as if I was sitting alone on a raft in the ocean. It was amazing.2

The whole reason I agreed to meditate was so I could better focus on one thing, in my case, basketball. I liked basketball. Basketball gave me peace so I wanted to excel at it, so when I was given the option to meditate and belief that it would help me, I took the chance right away.Untitled

I had no idea that meditating would be as good as it actually was, especially for life purposes rather than basketball. Not only am I improving focus, but I’m also learning to relax, accept emotion, and think clearly. It’s not only a good stress reliever but its also a great way to let loose and become your own person. What I loved most about meditating though, is that the more you do it, the easier it gets. Then at the end of learning how to meditate, you’ll be able to clear your mind and no longer stress and worry with ease. That’s my goal and I’ve experienced meditating get easier and easier by the day, after starting exactly one week ago.

With meditating, I’ve also found it easier to be happy and stay happy, even in the most unhappy places. For example waiting in traffic this morning on my way to school, I found myself to not be frustrated of how slow the car was moving but instead, smiling, and noticing everything around me and getting lost in the cars in sight. Overall, meditation is a great method of relaxation and stress relieving and even if you aren’t stressed out very much, meditating is extremely awesome and everyone should at least try it to see what its like. Meditate! Get lost inside yourself, get lost inside the world!



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