The I’m Great Challenge

How many people in the world do you know, in your life, that are 100% happy? The majority will think around zero to one percent. I was one of the people who thought zero to one percent as well. Which leads to the next idea. Why is it that nobody is 100% happy. Well the simple answer is that we as humans must love each other and learn to elevate ourselves and bring others up in the process. But how is it possible to do this?

Well one day one of my coaches, the head varsity basketball coach, gathered the basketball team into a room, sat us down, and told us, “I challenge you to the I’m great challenge. I challenge you to do at least one thing to make someone else’s day everyday so that the love is shared and they go on to make someone else’s day, and so on.” What the I’m Great Challenge basically is is a challenge where you learn to be grateful for everything you have, to love yourself, and to love everything about this world. When someone asks “how are you doing” your reply should not be “good” or “could be better” but instead it should be “I’M GREAT.” You should always be great because whether we know it or not we always have so much but are never grateful for any of it until we no longer have it. It’s important to be grateful and to love yourself because if you don’t, who will. By loving yourself you will learn to love others as well and through that the world will become a better place with happier people. It takes one person to cause a chain reaction as great as this. All this I learned from my coach during that meeting on a sunny afternoon.

We are taught to be different and awesome and by accepting this challenge from coach I believe I am definitely finding a way to be awesome. So far I’ve managed to share my lunch with a person who didn’t have theirs, volunteer at a marathon for cancer, and even volunteered to babysit for my neighbors for no charge. Little things like this can cause a huge reaction and spread the world with love and happiness. The I’m Great Challenge will elevate you as a person and I’m thankful for learning about this challenge. Now I challenge you to take the challenge. Be GREAT!!shaking hands


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