Stars and Constellations

I really wanted to make my first blog post about something amazing like Emma Watson’s feminist speech or the news on Ebola, but I just could not decide what to write about. I’ve come to the decision that I suck at making decisions. So that’s what I’m going to talk about I guess. Personally, I am extremely indecisive and will never know what I want. My mind is so cluttered with bits and pieces of ideas that I can rarely grasp them all to form a single acceptable answer.


This quote from my one of favorite authors, John Green, accurately describes my inability to make decisions. When I was assigned to make this blog for my English class, I was super excited at the idea of just talking about whatever I wanted, but when I actually went to make this blog, my indecisiveness struck again. I sat at my table, staring at my laptop screen in the hopes of somehow coming up with an extraordinary username and url. However, this did not happen at all. It did not help that all the usernames and urls I came up with were taken as well. In the end, I just wanted something fantastic for my blog so I kind of mashed them together and came up with blogtastique for my url. Blog+fantastique=Blogtastique.

Anyways, back to decision making. There are many ways to make a decision. You can make a decision based on what you think works for you. You can make a decision that you think will make other people happy. You can make a decision solely based on the amount of time you have. You can make a decision based on the risks. You can make a decision based on the benefits. Like Green’s quote, these reasons can be stars as well. You’re expected to make a constellation out of them. I haven’t exactly perfected the task of decision making, but I can share what has helped me so far.

Tips for decision making:

1) I know you’ve probably heard this about a trillion times, but this has always helped me. Just breathe. That’s the advice. Just focus on breathing for a bit and nothing else. I find that this helps clear up my thoughts a bit.

2) Stop and maybe ask others for help. Two brains(or more) is better than one! Hear out their views on the subject and ask what they would do. It would be great to ask someone with experience.

3) Make a list. Write out the pros and cons if your decision requires you to.

That’s all for this post. I hope some of you were able to relate to this post or found some of the tips helpful!


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